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      "The monk John.""Oh, father John, torture me not so," said she, with hysterical eagerness. "Oh, tell me not that I have a living son, and then bid me look upon the grave. Oh, lead me to my child, or even give assurance that he lives, and you shall be freed; and if he whom I suspect did the deed, he shall be pardoned and enriched."

      He stared at her with his mouth open.

      As a matter of fact he did understand, but he was resolute."Oh yes," replied Calverley; "there will be fine feasting, and I will see, Byles, that you do not lack the best. Who knows but your dame may yet nurse the heir of this noble house."

      The rain did continue, and, after Byles had supped, he sat at the fire for two or three hours, and scarcely spoke. His countenance was troubled;the deed he had promised to dowhich he had contemplated with almost indifference, was now about to be accomplished; and he felt how different it is to dwell upon the commission of a thing, and actually to do it. Frequent draughts of ale, however, in some measure restored the tone of his nerves; and, as the evening wore away, he rose from the fire, and, opening the door, looked out at the weather. A thick drizzling rain still fell; the moon was at the full; and though the heavy clouds precluded the possibility of her gladdening the earth, yet even the heavy clouds could not entirely obscure her light;there was a radiance spread over the heavens which, though wanting the brightness of moonlight, was nevertheless equal and shadowless.

      "Taste it"

      "My soul is all washed to whiteness,


      "Oh, ?un't there!""I do believe," returned the baron, in a more subdued voice than mortal had ever heard from him before; and he approached the child, who was nestling close to Margaret, and looking around with an abashed but inquisitive countenance.


      Rose smiled to herself, and when she next had occasion to punish Reuben, invited his drover to a cup of tea.


      "F?ather, it wur an accident.""Then you will not seek to win her to my love," asked Calverley, impatiently.